Extra Curricular Involvement

Where I've been:

Social Thinking Club

At Hanover High, I became a co-advisor for the Social Thinking Club, colloquially referred to as the "Breakfast Club." It was here that students were given an opportunity to put into action the social thinking guidelines that they had studied in class. In this role, each week I was responsible for coordinating interesting and fun activities for the club members, including arts and craft projects, movies, games, snacks, and pre-planned activities.

Chess Club

At Hanover High School, I built the chess club almost from the ground up, Student interest had declined and the club ceased to exist for about four years. I rebranded the club with a new name, meeting space, and a new logo. Through word of mouth, I recruited all of our members. We met each week and I began each meeting with a short instructional lesson about intermediate to advanced chess strategy. Students were then given the opportunity to play against each other and try out whatever strategies they felt comfortable with.

Where I Could Go:

A Capella Group

During my time in college, I was a very successful director of a large a cappella group. During that time, I was composing music for the group, running rehearsals, warm ups, sectionals, and achieving the best possible outcome for our performances. I would be very excited to take this past experience and apply to it help students reach their full potential as singers.

Board Game Club

I enjoy board games and I have spoken with a great number of students who do too. I see the operation of a board game club as a healthy and constructive way for students to develop their critical thinking skills and develop stronger social connections with their peers outside of the traditional classroom environment.